Assemblage is a primary mode of working for me and nearly everything I make is drawn into larger temporal assemblages in a sequence of reconstruction. Selected aggregates such as individual bricks or cast iron elements are also shown individually. Imagery and structural forms are generated as an intuitive, physical response to a world characterized by layers of mobile communication, construction, and commerce.

Brick Head glaze, fired decal and china paint    Brick assemblage from the Edit 6 show at University of Dallas



© Fred C. Spaulding 2014 all rights reserved






2 Responses to Home

  1. Fred–It was really nice to meet you both last weekend at our studio. Your work is really good! A treat to see such good thoughtful stuff–there’s so much junk created in clay/ceramics out there–your work is refreshing and an antidote to much cynicism on our part. .

    Re the kiln posts, we’re going to pass on them for now.

    Hope to see you again soon. good luck with your house fix-up projects.

    Best, Luisa Baldinger and Frank Willett,.

    • Dear Luisa and Frank,

      It was very nice to visit you both for us as well. Thank you for your kind comments I appreciate it. I hope we can visit again sometime soon, we enjoyed talking with you. Sorry it took me so long to see your comment. I am not as active on the website as I probably should be. I do check the e-mail. When I have a choice I usually go outside or work on a project. I hope you get a chance to see my sculpture on the railyard side of Santa Fe Clay.

      Best Regards,

      Fred and Victoria

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