End of Academic Year 2015-16

It has been about six months since my last post… I have spent those months based in Las Vegas New Mexico while on a faculty development leave from Tarrant County College Northwest Campus where I have been teaching for 10 years.  The faculty at New Mexico Highlands University including David Lubdell and Todd Christenson especially have been amazing to work with and have aided the development of the FDL body of work in many ways.

One of the central ideas of the sabbatical proposal was to begin with a simple idea and develop it by questioning the process and visual outcome.  Along the way questions about the social relevancy of individual expression emerged and some other side inquiries based on the past lineage of my work  have captured my attention. Overall there has been a sustained development of the original idea into a variety of approaches.

In the coming months I will organize my thoughts and images,  posting them to chronicle this development. To begin with I will post one of the drawings which I have been making 4-8 on a daily basis to the point where I am close to 1000 drawings.  These drawings are the beginning of the most central exploration of the FDL body of work.



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