Barbara Frey at the Lake view Gallery

Here are a few pictures of Barbara Frey’s ceramics from her recent exhibition in our gallery. The exhibition highlights milestones in here work from the past 30+ years.

bubbles 1wFrey house 1wFrey Kohler crownwFrey wall pieces 1w


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Here is a wider shot of “duration” with Chris Powells piece “triplets”.

duration 2w

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Wilderness Actions

I participated in the Wilderness Actions exhibition put on by Axel Contemporary this past fall.  Here is my piece from the show!

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Santa Fe Clay Sculptures

I forgot to mention my sculptures at Santa Fe Clay… The first one done in 2016 and the second this past summer 2018.  If you stop by SFC you can still see the second one on the street side.

Railyard column wSFC Stack 2018w

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enough is enough at 414

I am in an exhibition at 414 with Chris Powell!!

Here are a few pics of my work from the show, more later.

Duration wTool WallwBlue slab wPasta wPower line slab wScrap wood collector wSearch slab wThai map wAdobe wBigger slab w

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Linda Sormin Link

This article discusses a collaborative approach Linda has engaged. Interesting as a creative endeavor as well as an approach to teaching and learning.

Here is a link to Linda’s web site:



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10 Stencil Artists | Widewalls

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Sumi-E brush gesture

Immersed in the intensity of social struggle, both physical and mediated, subjected to the stifling intention of power to define our existence in terms of wealth and recognition, is the pursuit of simple individual gestures trite and naive or human and necessary?

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I went to visit the following museums over the weekend:

Cao Fei’s work impressed me…

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More Links I am looking at

Here are some links I have been looking at:   I am hoping to attend this exhibition/sale and I would recommend it for anyone interested in collecting pottery.  A friend of mine is applying for this residency. The focus of the residency relates to the social value of art, and art as a force for change in society.  Searching the artists and artist collective listed is an interesting entry into the world of socially focused content based art. It is also interesting to explore the Santa Fe Art Institute site to read about their mission and other activities. This is the blog page for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This is a UNT advertisement for a lecture by Robert Lugo that I did not attend but I did watch is youtube lecture at NCECA. This page can connect you to his website and other information about Robert. He is another artist interested in social activism in his work.

Sometimes I wonder if my work does enough to engage social and cultural issues in the wider world.

In some ways generating objects and interactions out of material and formal issues  embodies an approach to the surrounding social structure that advocates for an attitude of curiosity, coexistence, and contribution to the community.





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